I Provide SEO:  Release Payment On Results
I provide SEO services which is the process of ranking your website to the top of google for terms that get a good flow of searches for your niche. I help clients mainly in Minnesota but can help clients worldwide as well. Many of my website visitors come from the UK, China, India, Australia, UAE, and many others places. I welcome everyone whether local in Minnesota or international everyone deserves a fair SEO service that allows escrow payment protection. Please read more about escrow payment protection here: https://escrow.com/
**Please note that I can handle a limited amount of clients per month, so don't delay!

Here is a little about my SEO Process: 
Step I :  Keyword Research
Keyword research is the most important part of the SEO process. Many people think that getting keywords and lots of traffic is the key to success. That is not correct, first it is about conversions ( sales ) or whatever you want your website to accomplish with the traffic.
You can have keywords and lots of traffic without any sales. Or, you can have the right keywords with traffic and get plenty of sales. We analyse your market and find the keywords/phrases that we feel will get you traffic that is going to buy on your website. 
Step 2: Analyse Your Website
Most websites are not up to the newest requirements from the major search engines. We need to review your website to see if it is taking advantage of all the methods the search engines like to see your website abide by.  One of the critical things we look for is if your website has  the keywords in the title and maga decription as well as the page you want to rank for. This is the second and one of the most important steps before any real work acan begin without this on-page SEO your website will take longer to rank.
Step 3: SEO Strategy Development 
One of the most popular questions we get from our clients is, “How long till I see results?”. A tricky question to answer, because it is subjective in that it depends on the client’s business, product and geographical location. Thus SEO efforts for smaller businesses in a less competitive market ( City ) will see results quicker than a large corporation in a highly competitive market  (The entire United States ). Again, the standard rules are, if we do something for your website that is Off Site SEO, results from search engines like Google may take 3 to 4 weeks to show up on the search engine results. Anyone who promises results in days for SEO we recommend to avoid such businesses because their results for you will be short-lived. There are no shortcuts in SEO and we do not practice methods that would get a client banned from Google or any other search engines.
Step 4: Content Development +  Backlink Building
When the keywords have been selected for your SEO campaign, it is time to create quality content for those keywords. We will write and create the articles for you even though most SEO  do not do this for clients. Those articles will be used to build web 2.0 back-links as well as high PR forums posts back-links.  This process needs to be done over a long period of time  and is not a quick process and is very time consuming and is the most important part of the SEO process.  
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